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Goa Carnival

Are you planning to go for a fun filled tour sometime in February and still can’t figure out which destination you should choose? Then we suggest that you go to Goa; Goa because the state hosts a very lively and exhilarating carnival. You will totally love the energy, the enthusiasm and the joyous celebrations taking place during the carnival. Plus generally speaking, Goa is the state which is famous for being the pleasure ground for national as well as international travellers.

There are elaborate celebrations where you can see cheerful crowds just loosing themselves to the madness and vibe of the festivities. It is truly a dance and music extravaganza for the people who have never seen it. There is a parade stuffed with beautiful floats, entertainers and dances at the end of the carnival giving it a grand close every year. To put things in better perspective, let us further throw some light on the history of the carnival.

History of Goa Carnival

Goa carnival was brought to India by Portuguese during the time they ruled here and approximately 500 years ago the first every carnival was organised in the state. But it was not the Portuguese originally who had these kind of exuberant riotous celebrations, the culture actually came from ancient Rome and Greece and spread to Spain and Portugal eventually. This quite explains that when Portuguese colonised Goa they wanted their culture to be dominant here and hence this carnival was organised. It had a Portuguese flavour to it earlier but with time the celebrations have taken up the essence of Goan culture and thus people identify with the festivities and take part in the carnival in crazily large numbers.

Entry to Goa Carnival

There are no entry tickets for the carnival and you just have to come and take part in the celebrations. Everyone is invited with open arms to join in and revel in the four days of exhilaration and unmatched exuberance.

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